MAPPS is scheduled to pop-up and incubate at the High School for Recording Arts’ campus in Downtown Los Angeles in 2018.

For 20 years, The High School for Recording Arts (HSRA), has re-engaged youth through their passions and interests in order to become lifelong learners, entrepreneurs, and artists. The goal is to serve young people who have been pushed out of the traditional public education system by providing students with a personalized, project-based, educational opportunity through the recording arts and other creative endeavors.

HSRA seeks to provide the Los Angeles community with a high-quality, reengagement alternative high school that helps develop young people’s racial/ethnic, democratic and artistic identities while earning a high school diploma. HSRA in LA will…

  • Serve overage, under-credited, un-engaged, and out-of-school youth.
  • Provide rich, artistic opportunities for the kind of deeper learning that is student-driven and challenging to the status quo..
  • Provide each student with a personal learning plan and an advisor for guidance and mentorship.
  • Be culturally sensitive.
  • Provide job training for successful, positive, post-secondary opportunities in the entertainment and creative industries.
  • Be student-centered, allowing young people to drive the decision-making processes for the creative products they develop.
  • Provide an A-G curriculum for students to be college eligible
  • Be a safe space for young people to learn, create, test, explore, and grow as individuals.

HSRA in LA will be conveniently located in Downtown Los Angeles’ business district above the 7th Street Metro station. Because of this unique geographic location, students will attend a “destination” high school and be exposed to a professional environment that will inspire them to think about their future pathways and inspire them to want to succeed. At the same time, the location provides them a safe and neutral environment to learn with easy access to public transportation.

HSRA began as a pilot program developed by Studio 4 Enterprises in December 1996. After a recording career with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Prince, David T.C. Ellis started Studio 4 as a recording production facility. Eventually, youth from the community who had been pushed or dropped out of school started exhibiting an interest in the studio and recording their music. David soon had the idea to turn his recording studio into an educational pilot program after recognizing the need to address the dropout crisis in his community. Enrolment in the program, which began with fifteen learners, grew quickly through word of mouth. In March 1997, Studio 4 applied to become an official, diploma-granting charter public high school. High School for Recording Arts was born in July 1998 with its approval as an independent charter school by the Minnesota Department of Education with a clear intention to re-engage out of school youth.

Today student enrollment has reached 350 students with 100% college acceptance for graduates.