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BRINGING SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL WELLNESS TO OUR COMMUNITY with tip of the iceberg conversations about human development and wellbeing and providing an environment where people can come for self-care and wellness and for making connections with like-minded others.

Our fundamental belief is that nurturing individual competence and resilience is key to our collective well-being, resulting in a healthier and more self-sustaining global community.

We practice and embody the art of being human by tapping into the 3 most vital traits that every one of us possesses and that we can all cultivate and nurture: Curiosity, Compassion and Courage.

Generation We

Summer Wellness Series: Cultivating Clarity Episode 4: Curating Environments for Stability and Resilience

August 24, 2023

We’ve been exploring why and how integrating a practice of Cultivating Clarity into our life can be of value for our emotional wellness, stability and resilience. Today we touch on Environment as the 3rd pillar of stability and resilience and look at how living and functioning in an environment aligned with our values can be a game changer.
Generation We

Summer Wellness Series: Cultivating Clarity Episode 3: The Practice of Alignment

August 13, 2023

Learn about the power of Alignment, defined as supporting or agreeing with another person, an organization or a view, and how it can act as a pillar for Stability and Resilience
Generation We

Summer Wellness Series: Cultivating Clarity Episode 2: The Importance of Personal Awareness and the Self-Care Ecosystem

July 26, 2023

Learn why Personal Awareness is so crucial to our ongoing growth and development, and that how well we know and understand ourselves is the ultimate basis for our personal and professional success. Access a new approach for self-care with the Self-Care Ecosystem and learn about how you might find an opportunity to move towards a different quality of awareness around your social and emotional wellness and self-care.
Generation We

Summer Wellness Series: Cultivating Clarity Episode 1: What is Clarity?

July 12, 2023

There are times in life that a change, whether sudden or deliberate and gradual can motivate us to seek more clarity. In this 5-part Summer Wellness series, we'll explore the concept of clarity and how to cultivate it for emotional wellness, stability and resilience. Today's episode looks at What is Clarity?
Generation We

Listening + Openness

September 13, 2022

Generation We

A New Paradigm in Education: How to Stop the Robotization of our Children

August 6, 2022

Generation We

Are You Stuck?

June 28, 2022

Generation We

Happiness is an Inside Job

May 31, 2022

Generation We

Your Health is Your Wealth

February 14, 2022

Generation We

Re-thinking Rituals

December 19, 2021

Generation We

If You Can Talk, You Can Sing

December 7, 2021

Generation We

Jobs Available: Creatives + Entrepreneurs

October 6, 2021

Generation We

Co-creation + Accountability: What Are You Afraid Of + What Are You Defending Against?

October 5, 2021

Generation We

The Essential + Integrated Self: From Rubble to Reconstruction

October 4, 2021

Generation We

Authenticity + Self Esteem: Two Fundamental Elements for Survival

October 3, 2021

Generation We

Purpose: The Secret Superpower

October 2, 2021

Generation We

Truth, Choice + Awareness: The Heart of Good Decision Making

October 1, 2021