Leili is an exceptional person, we need more like her in this world! She can focus on the individual’s needs and assist in many insightful ways. Her training and natural abilities have made her a valuable life coach. If you have the chance to work with her you will be very fortunate to experience her skills firsthand. The tools Leili has shown me have enabled me to understand myself and those close to me much better. The work with relationships is constant, but with the perspective and life skills Leili has given me, the future will be a much happier place!

— Lisa N

When I first began working with Leili I was feeling stuck in where to put my energy creatively and how to balance my passions involving the work I want to be doing with my other jobs. Through this program with Leili has helped me to put together the pieces of my story, who I am, and how that can help me with my goals in life and my career. This work has really helped me to go deeper in understanding my personal preferences when relating to myself and others. This has allowed me to develop a stronger foundation in regards to my purpose and how to embody the life I want. Since I began this work with Leili my relationships have improved, I have more confidence sharing what I’m passionate about has increased immensely, and I have more motivation to work on my craft as a creator and yoga instructor. I am so grateful to Leili for sharing her knowledge and excitement about this work with me and continuing to inspire me.

— Kerry T

Working with Leili has been an absolute pleasure. Her methods are simple, practical, and applicable in many aspects of daily life. Since connecting with Leili, I have been able to structure my thoughts and make more sound decisions. She has given me the tools to move forward in a constructive and productive way. I highly recommend Leili to anyone looking to take the next step in their healing and growth journey.

— Sheri W

I had a great honor and privilege to work with Leili. The impact that her and her program made on me is unparalleled. Leili puts so much compassion, understanding, love, kindness and encouragement in her guidance so the support you receive is the biggest motivator on the path. Her personalized approach made my journey that much more attainable as I felt truly heard.

And her dedication to the community and its betterment is a gem. Do not miss an opportunity to work with her - her program is guaranteed to inspire the change you've been waiting for.

The gratitude and love I have for Leili and all she's helped me with in my journey is endless.

— Nev K

Your noble endeavor to uplift, awaken and elevate humanity is the very embodiment of the immortal words of the Mahatma (Giant Soul): "Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.

— Nicole S

Leili naturally recognizes and honors the dignity in all people and exalts that essence in those around her. I have found her to be one of the most insightful, generous, respectful, inclusive leaders I know!

For Leili, the focus is always on the needs of the learner rather than on her own need to be in the spotlight or to hold tightly to a prescribed script. She is very aware of what’s needed in the moment and adapts with ease to ensure that those needs are met with spontaneous, relevant and creative approaches.

Her mastery in understanding the influences of human behavior is evident. She consistently instills confidence in those she teaches and mentors; yet what makes Leili so special is less her obvious intellect, and more in her true calling to support the communities she serves. What motivates Leili is her deep desire to foster warm relationships and to genuinely help others!

To that end, Leili is brilliant in creating a "safe container for crucial conversation", where students and co - facilitators alike, feel included and comfortable in addressing any topic.World events have exposed the imperative to ensure safety, trust, inclusion and openness in any relationship, and especially in learning environments that have been historically hierarchical. This is where Leili shines.

Any individual, group or organization is better for having had Leili’s influence and direct support. She has certainly made me a better coach, facilitator and leader!

— Shelley K

If you need a new perspective, a sense of connection and belonging, and support to help you develop essential skill sets to achieve your goals, try Human Whisperers. Drawing on decades of experience, Leili Eghbal has designed a community-based approach to helping individuals find their true calling and chart a path towards fulfilling the goal of a life well lived.

— Shiva B

Community School for Human Arts is poised to be a major catalyst in supporting human development.

— Hossein A

Leili Eghbal’s work is a long-term solution to mental stability and personal development. With consistency, it will change you and your life indefinitely—for the better.

— Jasmine M

I have experienced Leili and her team as authentic, competent guides on the personal development path. The programs are well prepared and balanced, coherent and inclusive...and, most importantly, are coming from the heart.

— Angelika P

With encouragement, inclusion and compassion the Human Whisperers call. Now is the time for conscious change, and here is a way. Your unique journey is an integral part of humanities evolution. We’re in it together.

— Dove W

I was introduced to Leili's program last year during the first Covid shutdown. I wasn't sure what it was all about, but trusted in Leili's direction. It was an experience of self inspection, contemplation, and growth. A perfect thing during such uncertain times. It was also a time to connect with others and share our commonality.

— Joel K
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