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Women’s Wellness Micro Workshop:

Living with Endings: An Exploration of Making Peace with Impermanence
If you’ve experienced a loss and are feeling stuck, isolated or incomplete, please join us for an inquiry and exploration into our relationship with, and our belief systems around endings and gain a new perspective on how endings can provide new opportunities for growth and change. Learn how to navigate:

Loss of Safety and Security (your home, job, income, parent, mentor)

Loss of Belonging (your community, friendships, work colleagues, intimate partner, classmates)

Loss of Dignity (your independence, professional status, health, physical abilities, youthful vigor, ability to provide for yourself and family, self-confidence)

December 10, 2023
Mountain Lotus Yoga, Truckee
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Living With Endings: Making Peace with Impermanence
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Living with Endings: An Exploration of Making Peace with Impermanence
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